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Signs he's cheating on his phone

18 Signs He’s Cheating On His Phone & How To Catch Him

Are you wondering if it is just your insecurities, or your man is indeed cheating on you? What are the signs he’s cheating on his phone?

We are constantly on our phones these days which makes communication easier. Cellphones have also replaced the need to watch TV. But this convenience is also a breeding ground for affairs. 

According to Compare Camp, a study shows that in the United States, 20% of married couples are likely to encounter infidelity. Meanwhile, 70% of unmarried couples may have to deal with cheating in the course of their relationship.

Normally, once you start having thoughts that your man might be cheating, there is a high chance that it is happening. Those thoughts are your instincts and that’s how God sometimes communicates with us.

Men cheat for many different reasons and not because something is lacking in the relationship. Some men still cheat with their exes, while others it is coworkers or even with new people.

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I hope your man is not cheating, but this is how he will behave when he is cheating:

Signs he’s cheating on his phone

1. He has passwords on his phone and refuses to share them with you

One of the signs he’s cheating on his phone is when he is no longer willing to share his phone’s password with you. He’s even put in passwords on some of his applications so that even if you manage to unlock his phone, you will not be able to access his social media apps.

2. He deletes his call and chat history

I dated someone who deleted his chats on WhatsApp and I was even shocked to see that he deleted my texts. It only made sense later when I discovered that he was cheating.

He did not want his other girl to see my texts and he also did not want me to see her texts. 

And he would also delete chat history from friends because friends are honest with each other, so their chats can give it away if there is more than one girl in the picture.

So if your man is deleting his texts, WhatsApp call history, chat history on social media, and even his phone call history, it is a sure sign he’s cheating on his phone.

3. He puts his phone on flight mode or switches it off

When he is with you, he puts his phone in flight mode so that there are no incoming calls or texts from his other women. Or he switches his phone off and only switches it on when you are at a distance.

4. He keeps his phone on silent mode

Ring tones can be irritating and sometimes it can be easy to forget to remove the phone from silent mode after work.

But if it has become a daily habit that his phone stays on silent and it does not even vibrate, it can be signs he’s cheating on his phone.

5. He never leaves his phone lying around

Signs he’s cheating on his phone is when he is suddenly overprotective of his phone. He will never leave his phone lying around. He goes with it to shower or hides it at a place where you cannot access it. 

He cannot even leave his phone charging in the room, he rather charge it through a power bank or charge it while driving. 

Even when he sleeps, he can’t leave it on the pedestal. He will put it under the pillow, inside his pocket, or switch it off. 

This is to ensure that you never see the incoming calls or messages from his other women.

6. He closes his applications when you get closer to him

If you get too close to him while he’s not expecting you, he will quickly quit his applications or press the lock button. 

If he was not hiding something he would not close his phone.

7. He does not open some of the texts when with you

If there is an incoming message and he does not open it because you are there, it can be a sign he’s cheating. It might be a message from his other woman, and he does not want you to see it. 

8. He does not save your number

If a guy does not save your number on his phone, it can be a sign he’s cheating.

So the guy who was cheating on me had not saved my number, but after I discovered his cheating, it made sense.

If a guy has not saved your number, chances are that you are not the only woman in his life and he does not want to raise suspicions when you text him or call him while he is with the other woman.

If he does save your number, he might save it as something like John the plumber but not as baby or love or your real name. 

9. He does not save the other woman’s number

When a guy is cheating, he won’t save his other woman’s number. But once you become suspicious and you go through his call history, you will notice that there has been a lot of incoming and outgoing calls to that number that has not been saved. 

And when you check the number on Truecaller or WhatsApp you then realize that it is a woman’s number.

10. He ignores certain calls when with you

Signs he’s cheating on his phone is when he ignores certain calls when he is with you. He might tell you that it is his colleague, and it is already after hours so he will not answer. Or he says that it is a spam number. 

11. He answers certain calls away from you

There are certain calls that he answers in a different room or locks himself inside the car, so that you do not hear the conversation. 

When a man cannot answer some of the calls in your presence, it is a great warning sign he’s cheating. 

12. He’s saved a woman’s number under a guy’s name

When I was being cheated on, the woman’s number was saved as James and James was his colleague. 

13. He does not allow you to touch his phone

If a man has become too protective of his phone, it can be a sign he’s cheating. Even if you can ask to use his Google or to use his torch, he rather do it for you than allow you to touch his phone. 

14. He keeps a second phone that you do not know of

When a guy is cheating, he might have a second number that is used by his other woman. And you will not know about this phone until you accidentally find it in his car or bag. 

15. He fights for his phone

If you ask to see why he is smiling and snatch the phone from him, he will forcefully take it back. 

He will not even care if you get angry or accuse him of cheating. He rather give it back to you after he has cleared all the evidence.

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16. There is unexplained expenditure on his bank texts

If there are text messages that show cash withdrawals, deposits or swipes at hotels, shops but he did not disclose it to you, it is signs he’s cheating on his phone. 

17. There are flirtatious texts on his phone

If there are texts to or from other women about love, missing you, let’s meet up, last night was great, love emojis, it can be a sign he’s cheating on his phone.

18. Images of women on phone

I once saw an image of a half-naked woman on an ex’s phone. He told me that it was his cousin, she took his phone without his permission. 

He even cried that bad things kept happening to him and started mentioning his problems. I even had to comfort him. 

But looking back, I realize that I was probably being gaslighted. You can read more of the gaslighting signs here.

So, if you happen to see an image of another woman on your man’s phone, it is one of the signs he’s cheating on his phone. 

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How do you know if he’s secretly cheating?

How do you know if he's secretly cheating

1. His routine will change

If a man is cheating, he will change his routine. He might tell you that he now works overtime, or he is doing a lot of travelling at work. He might even meet up more frequently with his friends and family, which is something he was not doing before.

2. He won’t answer your calls at certain times of the day

If he used to always pick up your calls but now when you call him some calls become missed calls and he returns them minutes later or an hour later, it can be a sign he’s secretly cheating.

3. Some of his stories do not add up

He might forget the lies or excuses that he told you. Maybe he told you that he was with his friend last night, but he forgets that is what he said.

4. He does not pick up certain calls or open certain messages in your presence

If a man does not answer certain calls, or he answers them in a different room, it can be a cheating sign. 

Also, if he does not open his messages when you are there, it can also be a sign he is cheating on you.

5. Things are not the way you left them

If you are not staying together and you find that some of your things are not the way you left them, it can be a sign he’s cheating. He was hiding your stuff from the other woman.

How cheaters hide their tracks

How cheaters hide their tracks

1. They know your routine

A cheater knows your schedule. He knows what time you go to work and what time you get home. So it is easy for him to cheat during the times when you are unavailable.

2. It’s an office affair

Most affairs happen at work. If your partner is cheating with someone from work, you won’t really find evidence of their cheating.

3. They clear their call and chat history

When someone is cheating, they will always clear their texts and calls so that you are never suspicious.

4. They make use of cash

A cheater will not use an EFT or swipe his card because it can easily give it away. He will mainly make use of cash to buy condoms, pay for the hotel, pay for dates, etc.

5. The other woman knows about you

If the other woman knows about your existence, it makes hiding their tracks easier. She knows that she cannot contact him when he is with you. And if they are together and you happen to call, she will not make any sounds.

6. They are loving and good at lying

If someone shows you love and gives you gifts, you will not really suspect that they might be cheating. You won’t even be on the lookout for signs of cheating.

7. They clean up

Someone who is cheating will not keep receipts of purchases because they might give it away. And if the other woman left her belongings, they will find a good hiding spot for them and they will make sure they throw away all evidence of cheating.

What to look for on phone for cheating?

1. Text messages

You can look out for text messages for unusual spending habits or even suspicious texts that were sent or received.

2. Phone history

Check which number is being called often or the number which has a lot of incoming calls or calls that were made when you were not together.

3. WhatsApp chats

Check the WhatsApp chats. You can even check for certain words that are used by cheaters like (love, miss you, beautiful, sexy) as they will direct you to the chat of that specific person. 

Also, check out chats with friends. It will give it away if he’s cheating because friends are open to each other. And you will also know if he lied about being with his friend

4. WhatsApp calls

Check for incoming or outgoing calls from suspicious persons

5. Direct messaging on social media

Check for any messages that were sent or received on the various social media platforms. 

6. Emails

Check their emails for any conversations, bank statements, or bookings that you should be aware of.

7. Check images

You can also check their images for any suspicious images.

8. Tracker report

You can also check the tracker logbook to see if their travels coincide with what they have been telling you.

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Signs he’s cheating online

Signs he's cheating online
  1. He immediately locks his phone, or switch screens when you enter the room.
  2. He does not allow you to use his phone
  3. He clears the chat history
  4. He is flirting online
  5. He does not want to post you or say that he is in a relationship.

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