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How to make your wife happy

20 ways to make your woman happy

Men think that women are complicated beings, but that is not true. Making a woman happy is very easy, if you shower her with love, she will shower you with respect. Love functions as oil to the wheels, it makes the relationship smooth. If you don’t oil your relationship, you will always have a complaining woman and a home with no peace.

Before you blame your woman that she is not a respectful wife, are you doing all of the below?

1. Tell her you love her

A woman never gets tired of hearing the words “I love you”. These three words open all doors and make the relationship smooth. Tell her that you love her as often as possible, and not only during lovemaking.

2. Compliment her

A woman loves to be complimented. Praise her for her efforts, for taking care of you and the kids, for her nice food, or the effort that she has put into her image. Don’t let her good deeds go unnoticed. Compliments give her the strength to continue aiming to please you.

3. Spend quality time with her

Spend quality time with your wife. Don’t marry her just to leave her alone at home with the kids or to act as a security guard for the house, make her your best friend.

No wife wants to sleep on the bed alone while her man is in the streets. If you are not back home on time, she worries about your safety and she will not to have a peaceful sleep until you are back.

If you are not able to stick to your regular routine, inform her on time. Imagine her efforts of cooking a delicious supper only to be disappointed because you failed to inform her that you have other plans for the evening.

4. Listen to her and converse with her

A woman wants to be listened to, and sometimes when she talks, she is just looking for a confidant and not someone who will offer her a solution. Show her empathy, don’t brush her off when she brings a matter before you, first listen to her, and then try to help her resolve it.

A woman is happy to have a man who can communicate back because when she talks, she expects a response.

5. Be faithful to her

Be faithful to your wife. If there is something that you want her to do in the relationship let her know, don’t assume that she knows. Don’t seek pleasure in other woman because if you break her trust, you will have an unpleasant home.

Cheating can lead to divorce and kids growing not being around both parents. Also, cheating leads to kids out of wedlock, meaning that many kids will continue being raised by single mothers. This world is already full of bitter women and children due to men who have been unfaithful, don’t add to the stats.

6. Apologise when you are wrong

If you have wronged her, learn to say “I’m sorry”. The word I’m sorry accompanied by remorse goes a long way. Don’t only use gifts or kindness as a way of showing that you are sorry.

7. Make her feel she is the woman of the house

Even if your woman earns less income or has no income, make her feel as the woman of the house. Consult her on all the household issues, don’t make decisions alone.

Don’t bring visitors into the house without informing her, including your family members, because you will be undermining her authority as the woman of the house.

When she comes up with suggestions, listen to her ideas, and see how you can find a common ground.

8. Be honest to her

Open up to her about everything, including your feelings, how much you make, and your dealings with other people. Show her your payslip and bank balance.

Secrecy is the reason men are in so much debt because your woman believes you have a lot of money because you have not shown her your income and expenses. And when you later refuse to give her, she feels like you don’t love her.

9. Prioritize her

Your wife’s needs should come first before your family, kids, or friends. Make her feel that she is number one in your life and not competing with other people.

10. Support her

Be her number one support structure. Allow her to pursue her goals, don’t stand in her way. If she wants to be a career woman, let her be or if she wants to further her studies, allow her, and create a conducive environment for her to thrive. If you have to pay a helper to look after the household so that she can be able to focus her energy on other things, do so.

11. Don’t be too controlling or try to change her

As much as a man does not like to be controlled, a woman also does not like to be controlled or changed. Don’t try to change her and stop her from doing things which make her happy.

Always think, would you be happy if she also tried to change you, or stop you from meeting your friends and family or stop you from social media? You should still allow her to have her own voice.

12. Give her gifts

Surprise your wife with gifts, don’t only wait for her birthday. Buy her gifts randomly and also celebrate special days like valentine’s day and anniversaries. A gift does not have to cost a fortune, because it is the thought that counts.

13. Take her out on dates and holidays

A woman appreciates being taken out on dates and being in a different environment other than her home. Relieve her from eating home-cooked meals or eating takeaways in the house by taking her out often. Treat her like you treated her when you initially started dating, don’t let go of these good habits.

Also plan a couple’s vacation atleast once a year if you can afford, she deserves a break from her normal routine.

14. Spend on her

A woman enjoys it when her man spends on her or gives her money. Even if she has more money than you, she still enjoys it when you spend on her.

15. Physical touch

A woman loves to be caressed. Show her that you love her by hugging her, kissing her and holding her as often as possible if not daily. Do these things without expecting sexual intercourse in return.

16. Don’t compare her with anyone

Never compare your woman to anyone, because that will destroy her confidence. Don’t compare her to your ex, or sisters or friends or other wives in-law or anyone for that matter.

If there is a skill that you want her to learn, teach her in a respectful manner. Or if there is a look that you want her to try out suggest it to her or buy it for her without making reference to other people.

17. Satisfy her in bed

Please her in the bedroom. Listen to her and give it to her the way she likes it. Also, don’t just rush into the main course, a woman loves foreplay. The activity shouldn’t be about you releasing steam or being able to sleep, it must be about giving her a great time.

18. Don’t bottle up your emotions

Men tend not to air their grievances on time, they only bring it up months later when their woman is expecting an apology. Learn to resolve conflict as soon as it happens, because most of the time a woman does not know that she has offended you. And if she doesn’t know, she will keep repeating that action which you find to be disrespectful.

19. Help her with house chores and cook for her

A woman is human, she also gets tired. She appreciates it when her man also helps her out with house chores or makes her a meal. Seek ways to reduce her burden so that she can have the energy for other things.

20. Be a man of your word

If you have promised to do something for her, keep to your word. A woman does not like a man who makes empty promises.

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